Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cumberland House weekend ministry February 31, 2010

After the retreat in Lumsden, I made my way to Cumberland House for a Eucharistic celebration there on Sunday. This community has no priest assigned to serve it on a regular basis so we are trying to cover it from The Pas as best we can. Still, they are very well organized and active and have put a new roof on the church as well as built a new deck, ramp and stairs at the entrance of the church. This Sunday we included a welcoming rite for two children who will be baptized at Easter. Here Doris McCauley makes the sign of the cross on one of the infants as part of the rite in which the whole congregation participated.

A great feature of ministry in Cumberland House is the pot luck lunches held after mass once a month of whenever a priest is available to come to the community. These are held in the hall attached to the rectory and feature great food and friendship. Here parishioners are waiting patiently for me to finish taking the picture so that I can bless the food and we can all start eating.

The winter road from Cumberland House to The Pas is less than 100 kilometers, but takes about an hour and a half to travel. This is the eastern part of the road; the western part slices its way through thick forest on the banks of the Saskatchewan River and crosses numerous creeks and the Carrot River. This was the road that I took to return home after the celebration, to save about 200 kilometers involved in driving the long way around.

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