Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Bishop Ordained for Saskatoon Mar.24th, 2010

On Thursday evening, March 24th, Don Bolen from the Archdiocese of Regina was ordained the new bishop of Saskatoon. I had first met him during my first Ad Limina visit to Rome with the Western Bishops, where he was serving as part of the Congregation on Ecumenism. A strong and articulate advocate of ecumenism, the ordination was preceded the evening before by an ecumenical service that packed St. Paul's Cathedral in Saskatoon. The new nuncio to Canada, Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana, shared a message. This was his first such event since his arrival in Canada. Archbishop Daniel Bohan of Regina was the main consecrating bishop. The music ministry was a blend of singers and musicians from both dioceses. With his experience in Rome and his international connections, as well as his focus on ecumenism, Bishop Donald will be a good fit for the diocese of Saskatoon.

A crowd of over 1600 chosen from all the parishes along with other guests crowded St. Patrick's Church for the great event. In the foreground are the ecumenical and inter-faith representatives from other churches, including some Jewish rabbis.

The newly ordained bishop greets a representative from one of his parishes after the long but beautiful ceremony.

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Linda Pudwell said...

Sylvain, it has been a very long while since we have spoken. Since 2005 in fact at the trainer event for Returning to Spirit and much has happened for both of us.

Congratulations on your ordination to Archbishop! Many blessings to you and your church family.

I too will be ordained in June of this year. I completed my seminary training in April and will be ordained to the United Church of Canada and settled in Victoria, BC. Who could know where the Spirit would lead us?!

Again, many blessings along the way :)

Linda Pudwell (fellow trainer RTS)