Sunday, July 25, 2010

Emmanuel Process Lynn Lake June 6-10 2010

A unique part of the Emmanuel Process in Lynn Lake was a presentation by a group of Cree singers led by Helen Dumas. This was their first public appearance and was very much appreciated by the participants.

Daylight did a bit of drumming on her own as her contribution to the evening.

The week began with the confirmation of two candidates who were unable to be at the last initiation event in Lynn Lake, Rebecca Colombe and Donalda Sinclair.

Sr. Margaret calls all the children up at the end of the liturgy to work with them briefly as a children's catechesis that also holds the attention of the adults at the liturgy. This is a unique initiative that flows out of Sr. Maragret's creativity.

About half of the participants in the Emmanuel Process are pictured here listening to the presentation attentively.

Small group sharing is an important part of the Emmanuel process. Here Jennifer Pinto shares with other participants.

On the last day, the team visited Pat Campbell's home at Birrs Lake and enjoyed a meal. Here they are pictured with Neil and their son David.

Sr. Margaret Sadler, pastoral minister extraordinaire, wrapped up the sharing on the last night of the Emmanuel Process. She was delighted that this long anticipated event had actually taken place in her beloved community of Lynn Lake.

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