Thursday, November 11, 2010

CCCB Plenary, Oct 25-29, 2010 Cornwall, ON

This was my sixth plenary since becoming archbishop. It is a fraternal gathering of the nation's Catholic bishops for input, discussion and mutual support. We learned from Sr. Nuella Kenny that we had unfinished business in terms of the sexual abuse crisis, in that there was a need to go beyond apologies and protocol to addressing the underlying causes for this recent crisis.

Cardinal-elect Ravasi also gave us an in depth and spirited presentation on faith, culture and evangelization. The important role of CCODP was affirmed, as was the importance of life and family, with a committee in place to collaborate with COLF (the Catholic Orgainization on Life and the Family).

Pictured here are Msgr. Patrick Power, General Secretary; Bishop PIerre Morissette, President and Archbishop Richard Smith, Vice-President.

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