Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010 in Pukatawagan, MB

Picture here is part of the congregation that gathered Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Christ into our world. Pukatawagan is one of two communities in our archdiocese that do not have a regular priest assigned to them, since the death of Fr. Pietro, who was very much present in spirit. However, they are managing to continue the faith life of the community quite well with very generous lay leaders and presiders in the persons of Flora Grieves, Mary Ann Dumas and Hilda Francois. They are truly to be commended and thanked. We also need to pray hard that young people from our own communities will respond to God's call to serve their people as priests or religious brothers and sisters.

On Dec 23rd, a banquet and play was put on for the community, following the visit by Santa.

The community, with the help of Santa Gordon Frazer, gave gifts to over 300 children who lined up outside for an outdooe wiener roast and the gifts. A half dozen elves were kept busy in the background handing gifts to Santa, all identified for boys or girls and according to age group. The gifts were provided with the help of the local store.

A new feature at both masses was the use of a drum, brought by Therese Colomb. It was appreciated especially for the Cree Lord Have Mercy and the Great Amen in the four directions. The drum has to be one of the oldest instruments on earth and certainly is fitting for use in a First Nations liturgy. It reminds us of our heart beat and the heart beat of God's love for us in his Son Jesus and Mary our spiritual mother.

Chief Arland Dumas returned to the community just in time for the Christmas Eve mass and here addresses a few comments to the congregation at the close of mass.

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