Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Returning To Our Roots Process Workshop, Thompson, Jan 28-29

Every winter, for many years now, a workshop for lay presiders and lay leaders has been held in Thompson. This year the workshop was a preparatory event for the Returning To Our Roots Process that our archdiocese is initiating the First Sunday of Lent. It is based on Acts 2:42 which states that the early followers of Jesus were devoted to the prayers, the teachings of the Apostles, the breaking of the bread and community or fellowship. These four elements will serve as pillars for the four year process. A banner has been produced, Deacon Bob Williston of Saskatoon has written a theme song for us, a prayer card has been printed up, a pastoral letter written and an introductory video is in the making. About 50 persons braved a winter storm and very cold temperatures to attend the workshop from as far as Brochet, Kinoseao and Oxford House. Interest was keen and all left with the materials ready to implement the process which hopes to recapture in our archdiocese that spirit and enthusiasm of the early church.
The Nelson House faith community was used as a pilot community for the process. Many of the ideas and activities in the resource manual were tried succesfully in this community. Pictured here are lay leaders Angela Spence, Madeliene Spence, Agnes Linklater and Natalie Tays.
Sr. Ellen Kennedy OP and Susan Gardner OP, formators of laity stationed at Nelson House, are the coordinators of the process. They have worked hard to put together a resource manual for the process for the first year.

Neil and Crystal Merasty from Brochet participate in the workshop for the first time. Neil is considering becoming a lay presider and Crystal is in training presently. People like these are our hope for the future.

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