Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recovery Retreat, Prince George, April 8-10, 2010

For the past 16 years, the Domano Retreat Centre in Prince George has been putting on a First Nations retreat, with some of the participants faithfully returning each year. The past few years the retreats have been on addictions awareness. This year I was invited to give a retreat on the topic of Living the 12 Steps Daily.

The themes of the presentations were Human Be-ing; the Original Wound and Seeds of Recovery; the 12 Step Healing Journey; Healing as Learning to Forgive, and Living with the Program. About 25 participants took the retreat in. There was a blend of presentations, rituals, prayer, quiet time, fellowship and sharing. Each session wrapped up with a ritual that helped to integrate the content of the session.

The rituals included a Lectio Divina prayer experience, Veneration of the Word (pictured above), forgiveness using rocks and water, and healing using fire. Pictured here is the ritual of venerating the Word of God, in the small chapel on the retreat grounds.

After the session on Healing as Learning to Forgive, a ritual involving burning items symbolizing our need to healing took place outdoors.

Some of the participants enjoy a lighter moment during the retreat.

Saturday evening the retreat usually include a popcorn party, singing and generally having fun without the crutch of alcohol. Here the Carrier drummers donned their ceremonial blankets and sang some sacred songs to entertain and inspire the participants.

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