Monday, August 22, 2011

Wollaston sacramental initiation and wedding

On Saturday, August 20, our volunteer pilot Ted Dodds flew me into Wollaston Lake just in time for a retreat with these confirmation candidates. They were attentive, sang out loudly, and knew their faith quite well. I shared a power point presentation with them on Human Needs and the Great Commandment, Learning to Forgive, a Jesus Quiz, the gifts, fruits and names of the Holy Spirit. Despite the wedding next door in the church at the same time, they were very present to the retreat. The celebration on Sunday was a joyful mixture of Dene and English, including the whole congregation singing our Returning to Your Roots theme song.
Here are the candidates who received their First Communion. They were prepared by a group of dedicated catechists.

A wedding of John & Mary Jane Josie took place the same time as the retreat with the candidates, as it had been postponed by a funeral the previous day. Above is a shot of the wedding cake, part of the first class decorations.

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