Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farewell for Sr. Mary Kastens OP, May 9, 2011

Sr. Mary Kastens is one of the six Adrian Michigan Dominican women religious who came to minister in our archdiocese three years ago as part of their open placement venture. Under the leadership of their former prioress, Donna Markham, the congregation chose to try to live together in community more and to be more missionary. They established a mission fund out of which they pay their own salaries and food, and offered their services to dioceses they thought would need their services. Comint to us at the same time as our financial commitment to the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement started, they were truly a God-send.
Sr. Mary served as the Director of Religious Education during her stay with us. Her wisdom, knowledge, experience, ability to do research and cook up some great meals was all appreciated and will truly be missed. She was also a great proofreader for me as I put the finishing touches on my next book. When some health issues came up in her life, Mary decided that it was time to return to her community where she will be doing literacy and administrative ministry. We thank her for her time with us and wish her well in her new location. The farewell supper for her took place at the archdiocesan cottage at Clearwater Lake.

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