Sunday, May 22, 2011

Returning To Spirit Appreciation Banquet, May 7, 2011

During the Knights of Columbus convention, I was able to slip out to the RTS banquet. The Returning to Spirit program is seen as one of the most effective programs in the country that manages to help participants move beyond being victims stuck in their story, to experiencing genuine personal freedom. It also brings together aboriginal and non-aboriginal people for three days of dialogue, prayer, healing and reconciliation. I would encourage all who are able to go to participate in an RTS session. Anne Taylor is the CEO of the board of directors, and there is now a cadre of aboriginal and non-aboriginal facilitators spreading across the country. Mark Pizandawatc, who originated the program along with Sr. Anne Thompson SSA, is taking on more of a mentoring role.
The Returning To Spirit symbol speaks eloquently of reconciliation of al.l nations and races
A group of Metis dancers performed an intricate sash dance, actually creating a sash as they danced and jigged back and forth, in and out. Three dancers from an aboriginal dance school also performed a very contemporary aboriginal ballet-like dance, as well as a French Canadian group. We were very well entertained.
The MC and entertainer for the evening was Winston Wuttunee, seen here involving everyone in singing.

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