Sunday, September 25, 2011


Fr. Paul Fachet OMI, replaced Fr. Ron Rolheiser OMI who was scheduled to come but could not for health reasons. Fr. Paul used two paintings by the German artist Sieger Koder to draw out the deeper, more profound meaning of the two scriptural events of the washing of the feet and the meeting of Jesus with the woman at the well.
The washing of the feet art work by Sieger Koder, a retired priest in Germany, that kept us very attentive as Fr. Paul drew out of us the layers of meaning contained in this picture, especially the acceptance and resistance of Peter, the figure of Jesus collapsed unto the lap of Peter, the fresh water in the bowl, the face of Jesus looking up at Peter, and the link between the foot washing act and the bread and wine, to name a few. This was a very rewarding prayerful experience.
The sescond work of art that Fr. Paul presented to us, which also captivated us as he pointed out the intriguing details such as how her face is transformed in the water, and how the face of Jesus has taken on her features, a mark of his compasstion and totally empathetic listening.
Here, Fr. Bill Burke, Director of the National Liturgy Office for the CCCB, presents on the General Instruction for the Roman Missal (GIRM). He put this new reality into the context of the espectation of a more careful extensive version that was promised right after Vat II. He also streseed that this whole process is actually a completion of Vatican II, not a throwback to a pre-Vatican II stance. We will be studying all this material over the next few weeks and eventually putting out directives on the implementation of the BIRM in our archdiocese.

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