Wednesday, October 12, 2011


From Sept 19-23, this group gather at Queen's House in Saskatoon for our annual Study Days. With two great presenters, Fr. Pau Fachet OMI and Fr. Bill Burke, some were saying this was the best yet. We had also held meetings of the Sounci of Priests, Assembly of Religious and the Curia or leadership team before the event, which lightened the schedule. There was also a day for discussing archdiocesan business, centering especially on the Returning To Our Roots process which contines to unfold in our archdiocese.
Fr. Bill Burke, Director of the National Liturgy Office for the CCCB. presented a day on the new General Instruction for the Roman Missal in a very interesting and dynamic fashion. He allayed some of the fears held by many as he assured us that this was actually a continuation of the work of Vatican II. Hew also presided at the Eucharist which incorporated the changes.

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