Thursday, October 27, 2011


The Keewatin-Le Pas Diocese was host to the CCODP Kee-Le Pas Diocesan Retreat on Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22, 2011 in Thompson Manitoba. The week-end retreat started with a power point presentation by Armella Sonntag, CCODP Regional Animator for our Diocese, on her solidarity trip to Cambodia.

The Saturday workshop was facilitated by Armella Sonntag from Battleford Sask., together with, Betty Jmaeff, Ste. Anne Parish, Saskatoon; Marcella Pedersen, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Cut Knife, Prince Albert Diocese; Helene Tremblay-Boyko, St. Joseph Parish, Canora, Regina Diocese.
The main focus of the workshop was on the 5-yr. Fall Action program on Ecological Justice Through the use of materials and a skit we participated and learned about the United Nations at work.

The Keewatin-The Pas diocese was represented by: Fr. Noel, Grand Rapids; Fr. Jack, and Sr. Mary, The Pas; Sr. Carmen, Cross Lake; Sr. Margaret and Joyce Colomb, Lynn Lake; Sr. Andrea, Thompson.
The CCODP Diocesan Council organized the workshop together with the Thompson group which consists of: Margo Dubuc, Lynda Paziuk, Sr. Andrea, Jim & Atalia Hickey.

Unfortunately, the picture that was sent to me was not able to be added to this blog.


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