Thursday, May 20, 2010

Domano First Nations Retreat, Prince George, May 01 2010

At the invitation of Bishop Gerry Wiesner OMI and Sr. Donna Dolan, director of the Domano Retreat Centre in Prince George, I presented a retreat for First Nations persons that had the 12 Step program of recovery as a focus. This retreat was unique in that it divided the program into five themes, each accompanied by a ritual to deepen the experience of the theme. The themes were Powerlessness and Faith; Forgiveness; Healing; Reconciliation, and Service. A special treat was the opportunity to visit with my brother, Fr. Roger who himself had just finished giving a retreat to seniors.

The retreat centre itself consists of individual buildings for cooking, dining, lodging and holding the sessions, as well as a chapel, all located near the diocesan offices and chancery.

Here most of the participants posed for a group picture as they prepared for the outdoor ritual.

Participants moved out of doors for the Saturday afternoon ritual that involved using flammable symbols they had gathered up to symbolize their need for inner healing which were then burned in the context of prayer for healing.

I was able to catch the end of the closing liturgy of the high energy youth conference that was held the same weekend in Prince George, along with a marriage enrichment session and a Returning to Spirit seminar. This is one busy and involved diocese under the encouragement and guidance of their chief shepherd + Gerry.

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