Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nelson House MB Confirmation April 19th, 2010

The first confirmation in many years in Nelson House was preceded by a retreat for the candidates facilitated by Archbishop Sylvain Lavoie OMI. The retreat covered topics such as being fully human, self esteem, forgiveness, Who is Jesus Christ and the Names of the Holy Spirit, as well as a run-through of the ritual of confirmation itself. Great hospitality was provided by the Dominican Sisters Susan and Ellen who shared their residence with the group and fed the bishop for two days.

This warm up exercise during the preparatory retreat involved everyone and provided a short break between input sessions.

Lay Formators Sr. Susan Gardner OP and Ellen Kennedy OP as well as lay presider Karen Spence participate in a warm-up exercise during the preparatory retreat. Sue and Ellen are Dominican sisters from the States who have generously offered their knowledge, skills and presence to empower the local lay people of Nelson House and area.

Lay presider and community leader Madeleine Spence joins others in warm up activities during the preparatory retreat.

The group of newly initiated members of the Catholic faith community in Nelson House are pictured here with Archbishop Sylvain OMI.

A reception for the candidates, family, friends and parishioners took place in the meeting room of the sisters' house after the ceremony. Pictured here is about half of the group that enjoyed food and fellowship.

Part of the reception was participating in the game called Mrs. Mumbly which had everyone laughing till their sides hurt. The point of this exercise is to remind everyone that living our faith is meant to be a joyful experience even in the midst of our challenges and difficulties.

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