Monday, May 24, 2010

Sacraments of Initiation, La Ronge, Pentecost, May 23, 2010

Here Fr. Mark presents a teaching on sacramentals to the candidates during a preparatory retreat the day before the event. These candidates were well prepared by a team of catechists. Their letters to the bishop were very mature and showed a deep understanding of their responsibility as fully initiated members of the Catholic Christian community in La Ronge.

The group of newly confirmed posing with catechists Ivan and Linda (Bernice was not able to be present), Archbishop Sylvain and Pastor Fr. Mark Blom OMI

The celebration of initiation was followed by a reception in the adjacent parish hall. Here Vern and Iva Studor visit with their daughter Carol Orr

Iva Studor, her son Mark and her grand daughter Halle who obviously loves her grandmother.

Victoria Daignault, Justin Burnouf, Raquel Daignault and Marlena Corrigal with family members.

The Lee and Raquel Cwenda family with newly confirmed Ashuarya.

Fr. Mark Blom OMI, pastor of South End and the parish of St. John Vianney in La Ronge, with catechists Linda and Ivan.

A good crowd stayed for the reception after the ceremony, certainly a great used for the hall which had been beautifully decorated for the event by generous volunteers.

Elsie Guy and her son John, who happily joined in the festivities though not directly involved with any of the confirmands.

Corlie Custer, Fedora Halcrow, Leanna Halcrow, Brendon, and in the back, Kierra, Angie and Dana. Kierra and Brendon were newly confirmed.

Diana and Ivan Robertson with friend Claudette Anderson in the middle.

Parish Pastoral Council members Ivan Robertson, Denise ? and Keith Krachmer. The PPC is a basic building block of a viable parish life, as outlined in the Second Vatican council.

Newly confirmed Ashwarya with Georgette Chrispen.

Newly confirmed Cody with his mother Patti Letendre.

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