Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thompson Confirmation April 18, 2010

Pictured here is the newly initiated young peoplle with their pastor Fr. Eugene Whyte, Fr. Terry Kraychuk, Archbishop Sylvain and the two young catechists Tamara and Patricia.

Thompson parish is blessed with dedicated young catechists Tamara Landego on the left and Patricia Sroga on the right who have helped out with sacramental preparation for some years now. What exemplary young people they are and a role model for others.

Fr. Terry Kraychuk, uncle of one of the candidates, was able to attend this special event in her life and is pictured here with Sr. Andra Dumont csj., pastoral assistant.

After the ceremony a reception was held in the hall in the front of the church for the candidates, family, friends, relatives and parishioners.

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