Saturday, May 8, 2010

Easter 2010 at Lac Brochet, April 1-4

Every Easter I try to go to a different community for at least part of Holy Week. This year it worked out that I was able to fly into Lac Brochet. Though the plane was delayed due to poor weather, I was able to arrive just in time for the Holy Thursday celebration of the Lord's Supper and washing of the feet, plus adoration until around eleven pm. Over the next two days until I left on Sunday, I hardly had time to leave the house, as people kept coming to visit or to celebrate reconciliation. Certainly one cannot help but feel fulfilled as a priest or as a bishop after an intense time of prayer, visiting and just being present in such a faith-filled community. Pictured here is the entrance to the Church that some men decorated with flags.

Pictured here are the pilgrims who did the Holy Week walk from about 50 kilometers away, timed to arrive just in time for the Good Friday service. This walk over three days has become a tradition for the community of Lac Brochet.

One of the elders who visited after an Easter service, whose name I am tracking down. These elders are very special keepers of the faith tradition and very concerned with the youth of their community.

Another elder who visited after the Easter services, whose name is being sought out.


Lac Brochet said...

I am looking forward to teaching in Lac Brochet this coming school year, and getting to know the people of this community. I just spent 4 years in Oxford House and made many friends there, young and old alike. Father Bart Burke and I are good friends.

Anonymous said...

First elder is Ovide Denechezhe